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My love for travel started at a young age, but it took me a while to realize I could combine this passion with a career. I originate from Vancouver, Canada and made my move to the UK nearly three years ago. There were hurdles and challenges as I settled but eventually I was offered a job as Membership Secretary for a members club in Soho. The role has given me many stories and memories but it didn’t feel like I was where I was meant to be. Now I’m working with amazing people in an inspirational place — Audley was a lucky find and I’m glad to be here.

Beginning my life in the UK

People always ask me ‘why move to London?’ The Londoners I meet go out of their way to help you no matter who you are. They are solicitous and some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. One of my most interesting travel experiences was also one of the most daunting. Most people who move abroad have their worries… but usually there are just a few hiccups along the way and then everything falls into place. I was an 18-year-old who had never traveled alone. I didn’t know a soul in the country, yet it was soon to be the place I call home.


I arrived on a rainy Valentine’s afternoon, expecting to pick up the keys to my flat, settle in with ease and begin my new life in London. Wrong. My flat was a scam; I didn’t have a phone and no access to my bank account. Any sane person would have been on the plane straight home. Instead, with my perseverance and pure luck I was able to meet the kindest of strangers, people who pulled together all their resources to help fight for my chance to experience the city. From letting me share their room alongside their 10 roommates, to giving me a mobile and a room in their family home, to letting me stay free in their bed and breakfast for nights on end.

They were so incredibly generous, having so much faith in me, I’ll never forget it. Most notably a particular lady stopped me from becoming a story in the newspapers and introduced me to a lawyer who helped retrieve all of my money back, in exchange for a simple ‘thank you’. To begin my new life in such a way brought me stress and challenges at the time, but if I could go back and stop it from happening I wouldn’t change a single thing.

My role at Audley

I work as an Office Coordinator in the London office. It’s a unique role in that offers an extremely varied work life and I look after many different areas. The job has its stresses, you have to be extremely organized and things can get hectic very quickly, but it’s all part of the fun. I’m lucky that in my role I am able to see how my work impacts the office and it’s so rewarding. It’s how small things can make such a difference to someone. Whether it’s bringing new kinds of chocolate to our Tuck Shop, making an area more organized and efficient or helping impress a client when they visit the office.



What do you love about Audley?

There are so many incredible things about Audley that make it stand out from other companies. The research trips abroad (these are given to non-sales staff too), the environment, the numerous socials throughout the year, the travel discounts — the perks just go on and on.  Even when you’re having a bad day or when something goes wrong there’s lots of support to help guide you and resolve the issue. Then when it’s time to de-stress you can book a massage with the in-house masseuse or grab a drink from the Shepherds Bush Bar conveniently located at the back of the office.

Overall, I think the greatest thing about Audley is the people. Honestly, I have never worked alongside such a friendly, passionate and down-to-earth group, they are the key to making the atmosphere inspiring and a fantastic place to work. You are given so much more than a day job and I can’t wait to continue my journey the Audley Way.

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