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Our newly launched Audley Partnership is designed to invest in our people, and share the company’s success as it continues to grow.

Reward and recognition for our employees has always underpinned how Audley ticks, and individual contributions have played a large part in our success over the past 20 years. So, at the start of a partnership with our new investor, 3i, our CEO, Ian Simkins, has announced a partnership scheme that invests back in our people.

Our people sharing in our future success

The Audley Partnership, our new share scheme, is born out of a desire to acknowledge and reward all of our people, across all Audley’s offices, as they contribute to our growing success.

Our clients have come to know us for our expertise and passion for travel, and our outstanding attention to tailor-making their next adventure. Being able to give a faultless service gives our clients the trust to return, while recommending us to others in turn.

It takes people with expertise and an infectious love of travel to make this happen consistently. Once we’ve found the right people to work with us, we want to encourage them to stay.

What the Audley Partnership entails

Audley partners stand to receive a share in the company, which could see them receive up to their full earnings from the past 12 months at the time when our next investor comes on board.

The scale rises, depending on years of service, from a share equating to 25% of the past 12 months’ earnings for three years’ service, to 100% after six years working with us. As you’d expect, this return is built on the company’s continued growth over the next five years.

By joining us now you can enjoy a share in the partnership

Although eligibility to become a partner starts with three years’ service, if you join Audley now it’s still very likely you’d see a benefit when the time comes for us to seek a new investor. Even if you’ve only been with us for little over three years at that time, you could still enjoy a return of 25% of your earnings from the past 12 months.

A best company to work for

The launch of the Audley Partnership coincided with the news that we’ve retained our position as one of the Sunday Times’s Top 100 Companies to Work For, a list we’ve appeared in for the last four years. Our Boston office earned a similar accolade last December, when Outside Magazine judged it one of 2015’s top 100 best places to work. The partnership is a strong signal of our commitment to living up to our ‘best companies’ status and rewarding everyone who commits to helping us grow over the coming few years.


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