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Tigers in Ranthambhore National Park, India

Tigers in Ranthambhore National Park, India

TOFT (Travel Operators for Tigers), is an organisation whose prime objective is to save tigers and their forests across the Indian Subcontinent, liaising with travel operators, parks, communities, government and visitors to achieve this.

Audley has been a member of TOFT since 2007. Each client who visits a national park in India where tigers are present with Audley pays a contribution toward TOFT, helping to protect tigers and other wildlife through sustainable tourism. In this way we ensure that the trip will benefit the local villagers and wildlife within the park and the tour will be carried out responsibly.

This year alone we have donated £3,060 for this worthwhile cause. In the past money raised by Audley has gone towards training a park guide. This is an important part of the conservation of the area as park guides can monitor the park and check for poaching and other problems.

To find out more about the wildlife reserves of India visit the India section of our website. If you would like to become an India Country Specialist at Audley visit our careers website for more information.

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