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18th April 2018

ShelterBox visits Audley, and we decide where our carbon offsetting will go in 2018.

We recently held a 'Be the difference' roadshow in all our offices, to learn about what actually goes into creating a ShelterBox

Recent visits by ShelterBox, our charity for 2018, to all our offices brought us up to speed with their work and showed us what actually goes into creating a ShelterBox. 

A small version of a ShelterBox was on display, so we could see the types of items they typically hold. We also heard what it takes to get ShelterBoxes to the people who need them, working in hard-to-reach places and emergency situations, often following a disaster or in the face of conflict. 

Meeting the ShelterBox team was the focus of these roadshows around our value ‘Be the difference’, which encourages everyone at Audley to fundraise in the name of chosen good causes and support community ideas both at home and across our destinations. Spotting an opportunity, our fundraising team co-ordinated a bake sale as part of the event in Boston, raising $275.

ShelterBoxes in flooded Malawi

Carbon offsetting our business flights

We offset the carbon produced by all our business trips. In 2017, the money we generated through this initiative went to the LifeStraw water filter project in Kenya. It works to reduce carbon emissions by providing the local people with an alternative to burning wood to purify water by boiling it. 

A Jikokoa Burn Stove in action, Kenya

At the roadshow this year, we voted where our 2018 carbon offset fundraising should go, and the super-efficient Jikokoa Burn Stove won. 

A clean cooking stove, the Jikokoa dramatically reduces exposure to hazardous indoor air pollutants, a main cause of respiratory disease. It also uses less fuel, dropping cooking times by up to 50%, which in turn frees up income. Audley supports the charity ClimateCare, who has extended its partnership with the stove manufacturer, Burn Manufacturing, to widen access to the affordable, energy efficient cooking stoves in Kenya. The programme has already supplied over 200,000 stoves, impacting the lives of over one million people in Kenya and generating saving of more than 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

You can read more about Audley and our responsible travel initiatives on our website.

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