18th May 2017

My path to Audley: Regional Manager Sophie

Sophie talks about how she came to lead an Australia & New Zealand team in Audleys' London office.

I started working in the travel industry in 2008 when I realised I wanted to leave a dull job in procurement for something I was passionate about. The obvious move was travel, having studied abroad and then backpacked around the world on my own after I graduated from university. I worked in tailor-made sales for five years before taking on a Product Manager role and eventually moving to Audley to become a Regional Sales Manager.

My first impression of working in sales was that there was so much to learn (you never really stop learning in this job). But then, once I started making bookings, I was really bowled over by how it feels to help shape someone’s  honeymoon or big holiday and to have them come back and tell you how much they enjoyed it. To me, it was the best job in the world and I loved every day of it.

My current role

My current role at Audley involves managing a team of six Australia and New Zealand specialists and using my previous experience to help them in their own roles putting tailor-made holidays together. It’s a great role as it combines my passion for both travel and sales and allows me to spend my days working directly with other people. My team is fantastic – they all love the countries they sell and are really focussed on progressing at Audley. I manage a team of people who are at different stages of their careers and of course have different personalities, which means my days can be unpredictable, lively, fun, challenging and most of all productive!

A great way to meet people

There are a huge number of things I love about working in travel and one of the best things is definitely the friends you make along the way. Everyone who works in travel loves to travel so you do end up with really like-minded, sociable people working next to you and really solid friendships are made throughout the industry. I met my husband and many of my best friends through this and previous jobs in travel and continue to relish meeting all the new people who come through Audley’s doors.

The travel opportunities

One of the other amazing perks is the travel opportunities. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled far and wide on many familiarisation and educational trips, as well as taking advantage of some great deals to go on my own holidays. I’ve visited countries and continents that I never thought I’d see and have had my eyes opened to some really special and unique sights and experiences.

Working in travel has given me so much more than a job; cheesy as it may sound it has given me unforgettable life experiences, varied and fun experiences at work, a great career path and some lifelong friends.

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