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Gender Pay at Audley Travel

We’re passionate about fairness, equality and inclusion, and have invested time looking into any potential gender pay gap that might exist at Audley.

Out of this, we’ve produced a gender pay report (for 5th April 2016 to 5th April 2017) to help us understand if and how the average earnings of our male and female employees differ.

Our report looked into the difference between the average earnings of men and women working at Audley. At the time of our report, we employed 432 people in the UK. Of these, 171 (40%) were men and 261 (60%) were women.

The figures that came out of the report, which you can see below, have helped us pinpoint where to focus our gender pay efforts. Firstly, they show that we have a really good gender balance and we know we offer equal pay for doing equivalent jobs across our business.

However, we do currently have a gender pay gap. We think this is largely because we have fewer women than men in senior leadership positions. We also have more women than men in junior roles.

We’re committed to reducing our gender pay gap, and we’ve introduced a number of changes in 2017 to help us address it. For example, we now offer flexible working and have new recruitment processes in place.

Although we believe that we’re already well on our way to narrowing the gap, in the coming months we’ll continue to update our People strategy with clear actions that will help reduce the gap still further in 2018.

Some of these initiatives are:

  • using 2018’s planned management and leadership development programmes to nurture and support Audley’s strong pipeline of future female talent;
  • promoting more flexible working arrangements;
  • ensuring our recruitment suppliers/agencies provide diverse candidate lists;
  • encouraging more women into senior positions and more men into junior positions.

Our aim is to achieve a shift in the coming year, and we’ll keep this page updated on our successes as we move toward this goal.

Pay and bonus gap (as at 5th April 2017)
Hourly fixed pay25.6%25.6%
Bonus paid38.1%41.8%
Bonuses & commission to male employees

74.8% of male employees were paid a bonus and/or commission in 2016

Bonuses & commission to female employees

62.9% of female employees were paid a bonus and/or commission in 2016

Proportion of male and female UK employees, according to the quartile pay bands
Lowest quartile

23% male, 77% female

2nd quartile

39% male, 61% female

3rd quartile

44.6% male, 55.4% female

Highest quartile

49.5% male, 50.5% female

The figures set out above are based on the data supplied by Audley Travel and have been calculated using the standard methodologies set out in the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.